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Vincent Crump

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Vincent has more than a decade of experience in group practice operations. He prides himself in process implementation and transitions advisory services. Vincent has an extensive background in group management, group operating strategies and practice integration. It is his belief that clearly defined systems create a culture of understanding. Vincent’s objective is to implement a model that every team member sees, embraces, and helps to drive the vision of the practice or group.


During his time as a C.O.O., Vincent realized that the ailments that were affecting his group were the same as his peers. At that time, Vincent decided to develop a process to streamline their operating systems and scale a practice in an effective and efficient manner. These focuses include implementation of proper coding, insurance contract optimization, scalable employee models, negotiation of vendor contracts and patient retention strategies.


Early on in his career Vincent worked as a Regional Development Officer for a growing DSO. He was solely responsible for the identification, valuation, and onboarding of all satellite locations. Vincent created the process still used by the group to successfully scale the onboarding practices and retain their team members. His acquisition strategy is focused on finding areas of revenue opportunity in insurance contract optimization, competitor density, area demographics, procedure coding, economies of scale, brand exposure and working with industry professionals to maximize the new locations marketing strategy.


Originally from Chicago, Vincent is an avid fitness enthusiast. He and his wife Christine have completed multiple obstacle course races and fitness events. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Christine and two wonderful children.

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