Phyllis Waite

lifetime Member Since 1987

Expertise Categories

  • Business / Financial
  • Case Acceptance
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service
  • Efficiency
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • New Dentists
  • Practice Analysis
  • Practice Management
  • Practice Transitions
  • Productivity
  • Project Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Speaking (Public)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Stress Management
  • Team Development
  • Training Skills

Phyllis Waite began her dental career in 1968 and stopped accepting new clients in 2017.   She remains committed to ADMC and supporting valued clients.

Throughout her career she learned every aspect of her education was applicable in the practice of dentistry.  She believes patients, owner and career team members must all WIN FOR PHYLLIS TO FEEL GRATIFIED about her contribution.

Phyllis began consulting and lecturing in 1982, and worked with over 1,000 dental teams.  She lectured at various universities, study clubs, dental societies and conventions throughout the West Coast. Phyllis‘s lectures were known to empower staff to SEE THEMSELVES AS SELF EMPLOYED with their current Doctor being the head office!   She encouraged them to dedicate themselves to build a resume’ that would support their personal success.  She is widely recognized a motivating management authority and is highly respected by her peers. She is the author of “Nothing But Verbal Skills” and “Basics For Smarties” for training non-dental administrative staff.

Phyllis focused on developing SELF DIRECTED TEAMS who are accountable and recognize planned results. She personalizes reward programs based on results, and coaches’ doctors to become effective team leaders who fell in control of the practice. Phyllis was a certified human resource trainer for the Carlson Learning Center and used proven tools to assess leadership and communication skills.  She provided hands-on training consisting of patient and team communication; essential foundational systems for accountability and maximum efficiency; practice building by maximizing your software data base; customizing patient service forms that reflect your mission statement and secure patient relationships; internal public relations targeted to attract desired patient types.

Transition Practice Support: Phyllis’s promise to valued clients was to see them through transition and into a values driven retirement by, 1) supporting buyers with a due diligence consultation followed by 2) consultation designed to create a win/win team building transition focused on carrying the patients to feel safe and staff to shift their loyalty to Dr. Khnew immediately.


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