Mary Fisher-Day

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Mary helps dentists plan and navigate their practice transition by providing the services of Buyer Representation and Seller Representation. Additionally, she provides Practice Appraisals, and Consultation services for Partnerships, Employment Agreements, and Emergency Exit Plan Strategies.

Her reason in her words: “I have found that most Dentists are under-prepared and under-represented when making the most important decisions of their career – the purchase or the sale of a dental practice. Many spend the entire transition period wondering if they are making the right decisions.  My intent is to change this by providing the personalized advisory services dentists need outside of  Legal and Accounting services.”

Mary is the Founder and Owner of The Dental Business. She has helped dental practices grow and thrive as a practice management consultant and assisted hundreds of dentists through their practice transitions.

Her experience includes that of a practice management consultant for AFTCO Dental Practice Transition clients (in the former Managed Transition division).

She served as a Transition Consultant with The Snyder Group Transition Advisors, and as a Transition Consultant and Practice Broker for Henry Schein Professional Practice Transition clients.

Mary is the author of “The Dental Business; A Blue Print for Success”, First and Second Editions.

She is a member of the Board of Directors and serves as the Education Director for the Academy of Dental Management Consultants.

She is an active member of the Advisory Board for Dental Entrepreneur; The Future of
Dentistry, a division of Dental Entrepreneur Media.

Mary is a founding member of Dental Entrepreneur Woman.

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