Malika Azargood

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  • Conflict Resolution
  • Efficiency
  • Orthodontics
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Practice Management
  • Practice Transitions
  • Project Management
  • Speaking (Public)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Development

With over 20 years as a professional in the dental industry, Malika Azargoon has established herself as a top dental management consultant in the DC Metro area.

As a George Washington University graduate, her initial plan was to pursue a career in dentistry. However, as her family grew, her focus and passion shifted slightly from building her own practice to helping others create and grow their existing practices. Fueled by her energy and enthusiasm for the dental industry, she excelled as a dental assistant and ultimately became the business manager in one of the top dental practices in the DC Metro area.

As the demand for Malika’s expertise grew, Zar Dental Consulting was developed and now serves over 100 different practices in the DC Metro area and surrounding Mid-Atlantic region.

Malika’s commitment to client-focused, results-driven best practices is the platform upon which she has built her business and team, and she has a proven track record in increasing profits exponentially for dental practices. Given the depth and breadth of her experience, she is an industry expert in understanding the patient journey, creating a team culture to create greater efficiency and profitability, and effectively managing a successful dental practice at every stage of its development.

Having presented at several national dental conferences, her ability to engage teams and achieve remarkable breakthroughs are what make her one of the most sought-after dental consultants in the country. She lives for the connection that is made when she is on stage talking to her peers about how her expertise and real-life experiences can help them build thriving dental practices. Dentists and their teams find that Malika “speaks their language” and understands their different pain points. For this reason, she has been named the “Dental Therapist” and “Team Whisperer.”

In both her presentations and her client meetings, Malika’s enthusiasm for the dental industry is just as strong today as it was when she first started in the industry. As an avid runner, she brings the same level of energy to her consulting work as she does to every race. In fact, she uses her marathon training as an analogy for how she helps dentists and their teams build successful practices every day—commit to the race, stay determined, and cross the finish line. 


 Malika would love nothing more than to share her experience and expertise to inspire you and your team to achieve your goals for your practice. 

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