Kim McCleskey

full Member Since 2017

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  • Business / Financial
  • Practice Transitions

Kim has worked in dentistry for the last 30 years. She spent those early years managing and leading large dental practices. Kim eventually served as Director of Operations overseeing multiple practices and specializing in the pre and post-acquisition process, as well as scratch startups. In 2013 Kim founded True North Dental Solutions. At True North Kim focused on practice start-ups and continued consulting through the pre and post-acquisition process. Kim went on to merge her company with the Avitus Group to start Avitus Dental Management Solutions, a full-service dental consulting firm to include building a successful in-house virtual dental billing company. Today Kim is a Dental Practice Transition Consultant and Broker for Professional Transition Strategies. Kim is a Certified Professional Business Coach and holds memberships with ADMC, DEN, and AADOM. Kim’s strengths are found in Practice Transitions, Startups, Speaking, and Leadership Coaching.

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