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Jonny Workman

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  • Clinical
  • Comprehensive Dentistry
  • Customer Service
  • Digital Records / Recordkeeping
  • Efficiency
  • Frontline Skills
  • General Dentistry
  • Group Practice
  • Implementation
  • Insurance / Collections
  • Leadership
  • New Dentists
  • Practice Management
  • Productivity
  • Speaking (Public)
  • Team Development
  • Technology
  • Training Skills

Jonny has dedicated over 40 years to the dental profession in various roles. She began her career as a dental assistant, serving both domestically and internationally with the US Army in large dental clinics catering to service members. However, she decided to change her career trajectory and joined the US Navy. There, she excelled and graduated at the top of her class as an Advanced Electronic Warfare Technician (EW). Following her service in the Navy, she returned to the dental field and has since accomplished a successful tenure of over 20 years, overseeing specialty, large group, and general dental practices. 

Jonny’s achievements include earning a Fellowship from the American Academy of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) and being recognized as one of the top ten Office Managers of the Year in 2016. She has also served as the former President of the SWFL AADOM Chapter. Her expertise in dental office management led to an interview with Dental Products Report Magazine (Nov 2019), where she discussed enhancing claim adjudication and office efficiency through Vyne NEA electronic submissions. 

In addition to her management roles, Jonny remains actively engaged in the dental community. She is an esteemed SCN, ADMC, APDP, and AADOM member, actively participating in these professional organizations. Furthermore, she utilizes her expertise by coaching and delivering impactful speeches and training throughout the United States, inspiring and guiding dental professionals in their careers. 

Remaining up-to-date in the dental arena is of utmost importance to Jonny. She takes pleasure in sharing her knowledge of EagleSoft, Oryx and leveraging technology to enhance team efficiency. Moreover, she actively collaborates with teams to improve patient experiences and foster cohesive work environments through effective communication. With a wealth of clinical experience and exceptional leadership skills, Jonny brings a comprehensive mindset to team training. 


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