Christi Bintliff

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Christi Bintliff

LEAP2 Solutions

Christi Bintliff, founder of LEAP2 Solutions, a boutique coaching agency located in Raleigh-Durham, NC.

She is a seasoned practice administrator, coach, speaker, and published writer. She brings experience-based expertise in leadership, practice management, and strategic planning fueled by her charismatic personality and cheerful outlook.

She shares one powerful characteristic that drives her, which is a continual desire for personal and professional development, growth, and progress. She continually seeks the most effective resources to help attain and maintain her edge in achieving personal and professional goals.

Through this, she has developed LEAP methodology using her innovative forward-thinking that specifically caters to the vision-driven leaders by identifying areas of growth and change, establishing strategic goals and objectives, aligning, and engaging their teams all geared toward achieving sustainable results.

Christi is an unstoppable force in helping you LEAP to your highest potential. Her power of ingenuity in developing customized and strategic plans which is an invaluable asset to any dentist, especially a dentist in a start-up or acquisition situation where shifting mindsets and implementing efficient systems is crucial to creating an enthusiastic, positive, and profitable culture.

Although her specialty is in dentistry; her expertise will contribute to the successful transformation of other industries.

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