Bonnie Pugh

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  • Business / Financial
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Efficiency
  • Leadership
  • Oral Surgery
  • Practice Analysis
  • Practice Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Development
  • Technology

Balance Driven Success, through Systems, Teams and Technology

Ready to Grow your Practice?

Bonnie is the co-founder of Practice Dynamics, a consulting company that focuses on balance driven success through systems, teams and technology.  It is Bonnie’s mission to provide a progressive and modern coaching experience with a focus on business health and team success.

With over 34 years of dental industry expertise,  Bonnie delivers innovative tools and systems to solve clients’ most difficult strategic and tactical business challenges.  Providing a suite of services:

  • Remote Business coaching and Monthly Number Analysis
  • Inoffice Customized Workshops
  • Full Management Coaching with inoffice visits
  • Fully Customized SOP (Standard Operating Systems) Manual

Get to know Bonnie

Prior to co-founding Practice Dynamics Group, Bonnie was the Product Line Manager for the Dental Division of Carestream Dental. She worked with the company for 23 years and in this role she was responsible for the strategic planning of the dental practice management line of products.

Bonnie Pugh started her career in dentistry over 34 years ago as a business team member and quickly moved into technology with a leading technology company. Bonnie is a uniquely skilled, versatile business and technology professional, offering 34+ years combined industry and business experience.

Bonnie is an avid sports fan and lives in Florida with her husband and wonderful family.

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