Barbara Stackhouse, RDH, M.Ed. CAHP-BC., D.PSc.

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Barb puts relationships and the success of others at the heart of all she does.  Her focus is on teaching dentists the simple skills required for a highly profitable practice.  Her profitability model utilizes the Profit First System.

Dentists choose Barb when they want to take control of their finances once and for all.  They want real solutions using simple steps.  They are seeking sustainable profits for years to come.  She is the author of ‘Profit  First for Dentists’ and supports entrepreneur dentists through her training and coaching programs.

Before embarking on her own entrepreneurial journey, Barb enjoyed many years as a hygienist in private practice dentistry.  Those years in private practice helped her to understand the stresses that come along with running a busy practice. Her education includes a BS in Dental Health Education and a MS degree in educational leadership.

Barb is also a seasoned coach and consultant. Her experience and credentials have provided her with insights and real-world solutions to her client’s problems.

She is the founder and owner of More to Life.Dental where she lives out her passion for empowering dentists to take control of the financial and business side of their practice.   Barb has a passion for life itself and enjoys time with her boys…3 little grandsons who light up her life in big ways!

Bottom line is this.  Barb knows the ins and outs of running a busy dental practice.  She loves taking what might seem complex to some and making it simple.

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