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You’re invested in your dental practice operations, but for some reason, not everything is functioning at the level it should be. You want to grow your business, but you’re missing key resources and dental industry partners to progress further. It’s time you talked to the Academy of Dental Management Consultants about how our dental consultant benefits are the missing piece to your financial success.

Resources and Relationships for Growth

Being a dentist and business owner comes with its own sets of challenges; we’re sure you’re aware and so are we! The Academy of Dental Management Consultants is here to help by bringing reliable resources and experienced dental consultants to work with you on your dental business operations.

When you’re actively involved in your own growth and success, you’ll be amazed at how we can partner with you for beneficial improvements and results.

ADMC members offer services and solutions for the everyday challenges you face owning and operating a dental practice. We consult in various areas for both the general and specialty practices.

Academy of Dental Management Consultants
Academy of Dental Management Consultants

Why choose an ADMC consultant?

For over thirty years, ADMC has been helping our clients as the longest-running dental consultant group in the country. But what added value do you get, and how does it impact your dental practice operations?

You will work with an elite group of dental consultants who appreciate openly sharing information and resources without “competition or rivalry issues.” Your consultant completed a rigorous vetting process to meet our organization’s high standards and are held to continue their growth and knowledge without growing complacent.

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Common Problems & Challenges

Most general and specialty dental practices experience these common problems that consultants help resolve.

  • Acquiring New Patients/Marketing Solutions
  • Patient Retention
  • Systems (Lack of or Inefficiencies)
  • Goal Setting
  • Embezzlement/Fraud
  • Financial
  • Compliance (OSHA/HIPAA/Risk Management)
  • Case Acceptance/Treatment Presentation
  • Communication/Leadership
  • Team Building/Human Resources
  • Transitions/Start up
  • Clinical Areas of Focus



Outside Eyes on Your Business

Benefit from the outside perspective of an expert who can identify and solve specific challenges.


Supplement the Team

It can be less costly to work with a consultant vs. hiring a new team member. Consultants work for the length of time and specific project that you need.


Realize short-term goals

Hiring an expert consultant helps you realize short-term goals at a reasonable cost while keeping employees happy and motivated.


Catalyst for Change

A consultant is goal oriented, objective, and makes suggestions and sets strategies into motion.


Tools and Resources

Learn skills and strategies that will benefit the practice long after the consultant departs.


Track Record

Your consultant can offer a complimentary consultation to determine fit, references, and contact with past clients before contracting.

Working with an Academy of Dental Management Consultant is the extra step you need to take to put your practice in a position to exceed financial and operational expectations.

You’re partnered with someone who can help you understand why goal setting is critical. They bring you a vast array of industry knowledge and tools for more informed decisions.

They’ve got your back, with an extra push when the inevitable tough times arise, and a bird’s eye view of your processes to spot trouble spots to turn them into more positive outcomes.